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Are you looking for MOT Test Birmingham for your vehicle?

MOT (Ministry of Transport) is a mandatory annual assessment for vehicles over 3 years old. This test checks the roadworthiness standards of a vehicle, including emission levels, braking efficiency, etc.

Car owners looking to renew their vehicle’s MOT Birmingham can turn to the BR Car Care Centre. We are a DVSA-authorised car workshop for MOT. Our in-house technicians are well-versed with the technical know-how to conduct the required checks adhering to legal protocols.

Vehicle categories we cater to

    Class 1 & 2 – These two categories include motorcycles with engine displacement below 200cc and above 200cc respectively.

    Class 4 – Most passenger cars, dual-purpose carriers, vans, etc., with up to 12 seats, constitute this segment.

    Class 5 – All private and commercial passenger cars with more than or equal to 13 seats.

    Class 7 – This class includes all goods vehicles with a dry gross weight between 3,000 kg and 3,500 kg.

    A glance at the MOT procedure at BR Car Care

    To start off, our experts will first check the MOT history of your vehicle to find any existing issues with your car before moving ahead with the inspection. They will conduct a thorough check of several car parts that includes:

    • Headlamps
    • Wheels and tyres
    • Shock absorbers
    • Steering column
    • Boot lid, doors, bonnet, windscreen and windows
    • Exhaust and fuel system

    And many other vehicle components. You can see the complete check list online on the Government website or at our workshop.

    We also offer pre- MOT checks and repairs to make sure your vehicle passes the test in one go.

    In case faults have been found during the test, we also offer post-MOT Test Birmingham.

    Types of MOT results


    Minor faults do not affect the MOT pass of your vehicle. You will receive the pass certificate with a so-called advisory note attached. The minor issues will be listed and you are being advised to get repairs/replacements done as soon as possible. The faulty components will stay in the MOT history.


    Major issues will instantly lead to an MOT failure of your vehicle. It is imperative to opt for the necessary repairs/replacements to be able to use your vehicle legally on UK roads.


    These are a serious threat to your and other road user's on-road safety. Like major issues, dangerous issues will also lead to immediate MOT failure. Professional attention is imperative at the earliest to get back on the road and ensure optimal on-road safety.

    MOT certificates

    VT20: The VT20 or pass certificate is issued when there are no major or dangerous issues with your vehicle and if it meets the necessary roadworthiness standards to be road legal.

    VT30: Per the DVSA-laid policies, we will issue a VT30 or fail certificate if your car has any major or dangerous issues.

    Important! Unless your previous MOT Birmingham is still valid (please check the date!), you will no longer be allowed to drive your vehicle. All faults must be corrected and a partial re-test needs to be carried out. Only then, a VT20 can be issued. You can get the necessary repairs done at our workshop. We will also conduct a partial re-test. If done within 10 working days after the failure, we will carry out this test free of charge.

    In case you drive without MOT, you are risking a serious fine, and in case of an accident, your insurance will most likely not cover any damage,

    Why BR Car Care?

  • We offer online booking for MOT Birmingham to maximise client convenience.
  • BR Car Care caters to all MOT related repairs/replacements at market-best rates.
  • We only use OE-grade spares for replacements to ensure reliable post-service performance.
  • BR Car Care strives to maintain a transparent pricing policy with no hidden costs.
  • We provide our in-house technicians with regular training sessions to enhance their skills and knowledge to conduct auto services with precision in the minimum turn-around time.
  • Therefore, end your search for an “MOT centre near me” or MOT Birmingham with our BR Car Care Centre at 383-387 Moseley Rd, Birmingham B12 9DD.

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