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interim service

  • Top Up All Fluid Levels inc. Battery (if possible)
  • Check Drive Belts
  • Check Fuel System and Pipes
  • Check Cooling System
  • Check Wheel Bearing
  • Check Suspension Joints/Bushes/Mountings
  • Check Steering Joints/Bushes/Mountings/Gaiters
  • Check Drive Shafts and Gaiters
  • Check Shock Absorbers/Coil Springs
  • Check Flexible Brake Hoses
  • Check Tyre Pressures
  • Check Tyre Tread Depth
  • Drain Engine Oil and Replace Filter
  • Check Engine/Gearbox/Diff for Oil Leaks
  • Check Exhaust System
  • Check Brake and Fuel Lines
  • Check Hand Brake Cables
  • Check Underbody for Corrosion
  • Refill with Engine Oil
  • Check Spare Tyre for Damage/Depth & Presse
  • Check Windscreen for Damage
  • Check Washers and Wiper Blades
  • Check Lighting and Lenses/Reverse Lights
  • Check Seat Belt Operation
  • Reset Service Light/Indicator (if fitted)
  • Check Warning Lamp Indicators
  • Check Radiator Cooling Fan Operation
  • Road Test/Report any Faults Found
  • Stamp Service Record Book (if available)
  • Fit Service Reminder Sticker (optional) visual inspection of brakes of possible)
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